Anodynic Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage for the body & mind.

Therapeutic massage for the body & mind.

Everyone experiences body discomfort at times, ranging from a dull ache to a sharp pain. Soon, getting rid of that pain becomes a mission. 


"I'm so frustrated! The doctor couldn't find anything wrong."



"The pain relievers upset my stomach."



"Just getting out of bed makes my body ache."

Sound familiar?

Located in Mankato, MN, Anodynic Therapeutic Massage can help relieve your pain and bring you peace of mind, improving your quality of life.

A new feature recently added to the treatment room. A hydraulic table lift!

The electric lift allows for smooth height adjustments to the table during each treatment session without disturbing the client, as well as being able to lower it for clients with difficulty getting on or off the average massage table.

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